Chelsea injects bonuses to beat Liverpool and win the Carabao Cup.

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Chelsea, under the control of Mauricio Pochettino, is preparing to fight with Liverpool in the Carabao Cup final at Wembley, and the London team certainly has an advantage. The freshness of the players is definitely due to Liverpool having a Premier League match against Luton at Anfield on Wednesday.

Chelsea has announced a cash injection of 500,000 pounds to the players if they can beat Liverpool, bringing the first championship trophy to Boley, who has spent more than 1,000 million pounds since. Since becoming the owner of the team in 2022, he has been successful.

By the said bonus amount This means that if Chelsea succeeds in winning the championship, all 25 players will receive a share of 20,000 pounds each, if using the method of dividing the money in equal amounts. Didn’t think from the percentage of minutes of who played more in this program.

In addition, the bonus of 500,000 pounds is less than the Manchester United players received from beating Newcastle 2-0 to win the Carabao Cup last season, with the Manchester United players. Receive a bonus of 1.6 million pounds, divided into 65,000 pounds each. Report by ufabet

For the Carabao Cup winning team this season, they will receive a prize money of 100,000 pounds only from the (EFL). This is less than the £4 million FA Cup winners receive in prize money.

For last season, in which Manchester United won the championship by defeating Newcastle 2-0. Erik ten Hag’s team received a share of 1.6 million pounds. While the prize money that this season’s Carabao Cup champion. Will receive from the English Football League (EFL) is 100,000 pounds. Which is less than the FA Cup champion.

Chelsea was able to reach the FA Cup finals for the second consecutive season. But last year lost to Leicester City 0-1 in the final. However, if the Chelsea can defeat Liverpool at Those who are hoping to win 4 championships. Will receive a bonus of 1 million pounds to share among the team. By the amount of money that each player receives Will be considered based on participation in this program.

Chelsea’s bonus is one of the biggest for any Premier League team. But clubs are conditional on actually giving bonuses to their players. Only winning the championship has been successful. Which is now the FA Cup is the only program that has a chance to win the championship. As for finishing 1 of 4 in the Premier League. Grab a quota to play in the UEFA Champions League. That’s next season. There will be no bonus provided.