Mum shares trick to keep kid’s lunchbox sandwiches fresh for a week

Making up lunchboxes every night can take a lot of time but one mum has a simple trick to make it a bit easier.

Kate, from Australia, buys bread once a week, makes up a batch of sandwiches and then freezes them so they stay super fresh.

Posting on Facebook, she wrote: ‘I’m one of those mums who freezes sandwiches because I’m time poor during the week and my kids only eat “boring sandwiches”‘

‘They de-frost super quick, so they just come out in the morning and go straight into the lunchbox. Unless I’m working and I do lunches the night before.’

Every week, she goes to the bakery and buys a loaf of bread, which she asks them to slice lengthways as it is easier to cut the crusts off.

She then takes it home and makes up different sandwiches with a combination of deli meats, ham, roast meats, cheese or spreads like peanut butter, Nutella, Vegemite and spreadable cheese.

She also butters both sides of the bread to keep the sandwich together.

Once they’re all made up, she places them in a sandwich bag and freezes them.

Each day, she can remove a few sandwiches for the lunchboxes and they defrost in time for lunch.

Other parents were impressed with the idea and share their own ideas.

Someone else advised them to avoid any wet foods that might come out of the freezer a little soggy.

‘Little tips and tricks like this can make such an impact on busy mornings,’ one said.

Another added: ‘I love this – life-changing trick.’