Appvoidance could ruin your chances of getting a match this Valentine’s Day

Look, Valentine’s Day is coming up and no matter how much of a commercial capitalist scam it may be, 14 February still has the power to make you feel horribly alone.

You set about the day as normal but soon are bombarded with cutesy heart-shaped food and Instagram snaps of the boy doing good.

And so, against your better judgment, deep in the pit of feeling unendingly single, you may head desperately to dating apps.

Here is a warning: you might not like what you find there.

No, we’re not just talking about the endlessly depressing messages you’ll receive on Tinder on Valentine’s Day (it’s bleak out there).

You might struggle to find your usual smorgasbord of potential dates, get a message back, or arrange a last-ditch date or hookup thanks to a little trend called appvoidance.

Coined by dating app Badoo, appvoidance describes a trend of singles avoiding all forms of online dating on Valentine’s Day.

Their research found that almost half (46%) of Brits are avoiding dating apps on the day of love, not wanting to appear desperate or be reminded of their solo status.

So pickings will be slim. And you might find the act of swiping far more miserable than just accepting singledom on a day all about love. Perhaps that means it’s worth embracing being single, ditching dating apps and social media for the day, and enjoying your own company.

Badoo surveyed 1,959 people in the UK and found that 46% switch off dating apps on 14 February.

Why? 26% said they would find being on a dating app on Valentine’s Day ‘awkward’, 12% said they didn’t want to seem ‘desperate’, another 12% said they planned to steer clear of all things romance, and 12% felt upset about their singleness. Aw.

Emmy, 26, from east London, is one of the people planning to leave her apps unopened on V Day. She says: ‘I’ve been single for a couple of years, and while I’m actively dating, I do find Valentine’s Day cheesy and avoid going on any dating apps.

‘I don’t want people to think I’m desperate or trying to secure a last-minute date.

‘As the build-up to Valentine’s can feel a bit intense and a difficult time to be single, in the past I’ve fired out messages to try and combat that insecurity.

‘But this time around I’m just going to focus on going out with some mates instead.’

So if you log on to your dating apps on Friday to soothe the gaping void of loneliness in your heart, be warned: everyone might be off having an evening of self-love and pretending Valentine’s Day doesn’t exist.

Avoid the misery and desperation. Join the appvoidance trend and hang out with yourself and a movie instead. We hear masturdating is a lovely way to spend your Valentine’s Day.