Alemani and Cruyff are in London to talk w. Chelsea

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Barcelona’s two executives Mateu Alemani and Jordi Cruyff are in London to talk. With Chelsea over options to secure a deal for the Blues.

Deario Sport reported on Friday. That both Barcelona executives Mateu Alemani and Jordi Cruyff are in London. England to negotiate with Chelsea over options Especially. The number one target like Cesar Azpilicueta Captain of the Blue Lion Team ufabet.

Alemani, director of football and Cruyff, sporting adviser to club president Joan Laporta. They are in London for talks with Chelsea over the Azpilicueta. Spanish defender of the Blue Lion team. It has been reported that the former Marseille defender has an option to leave Stamford Bridge for a reasonable price.

Another option for Barcelona is Spanish left-back Marcos Alonso. As Azul Grana are looking for reinforcements for 33-year-old Jordi Alba back. Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku is also in talks. But it would be difficult for the Catalan giants to sign for ‘Rom’, they can only do loan deals.

Mason Mount and James are two vital members of the current team. And could quickly see themselves in leadership roles. As the next crop of academy products attempt to forge their way into the team. There’s been some excitement about the more analytical methods Boehly could introduce in recruitment.

Utilising the academy could prove a cost-effective of having Tuchel and any future manager cost-effective talent. With the right investment and support. The set-up, led by Neil Bath alongside the likes of Brand, can prove a useful tool. And is a big asset for any prospective new owner.